Túi Xách Nữ Cỡ Lớn Thời Trang 2021

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  • Thanh toán khi nhận hàng
  • Chất lượng, Uy tín
  • 7 ngày đổi trả dễ dàng
  • Hỗ trợ xuất hóa đơn đỏ

Giới thiệu Túi Xách Nữ Cỡ Lớn Thời Trang 2021

━━━━Introduction of the store ━━━━
⭐Welcome to hormonal women's clothing, we are committed to providing you with cheap and beautiful clothing and accessories, remember to follow us.

[Size]: as shown

Remarks: Manual measurement Unit: cm

━━━━Information for purchase──━━━
⭐This store is a large Chinese company, supports wholesale, a large number of spot supply
⭐Clothes and trousers are not defective if the button holes are not cut. New clothes produced in the mainland are generally not buttoned~Some different from Vietnam, please be familiar.
⭐Due to different lighting reasons and monitors, it may be different from the picture color, please refer to the actual product.
⭐Due to different measurement methods, an error of 1-3CM is allowed, which is not a quality problem within the error range!
⭐It is recommended to wash any clothes separately to avoid the situation where the colors of the clothes are mutually dyed
⭐Easy release of dye when the fabric is washed for the first time is a normal phenomenon
⭐Do not immerse the product for a long time, do not use bleach, and do not use the dryer
⭐ Since we are overseas sellers and need to pass customs, please consult and chat before bidding!
⭐ Please pick up the package in time after the package arrives (the maximum period is within 7 days after the package arrives at the store). Failure to pick up or exceeding the collection time will cause us to directly lose the package! Please take the received newsletter as the deadline for picking up the goods, and do not refer to the completion time displayed on the order page!
⭐ If you have any problems after picking up the goods: few items, wrong goods, flaws, etc., please contact us first, don't worry about negative reviews, we will solve the problems for you, thank you!
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